Photo:  Morgan Slade


House of Hair & Glitter was founded in 2010 by Costume Designer, Erin Seelert. Her design aesthetic stems from a wildly vivid imagination and a fantastic love of film, theatre and storytelling.  House of Hair & Glitter (HHG) was born from that love, creating beautiful, quality designs inspired by the cinematic glamour of the silver screen, fairytales, and dark obscure fantasy worlds.  HHG's vision is to embrace the imaginative realm, by creating works of stunning originality and introducing fantastical characters, concepts, and colors while integrating accurate costume history and what is current in the fashion and art industries. 

HHG's core services include Costume Design, Costuming, and Wardrobe Styling with an emphasized focus on costuming for Film, TV, stage and entertainment. In addition, HHG offers Wardrobe Styling, and Creative/Art Directing for photo shoots/editorials. We strive to create  looks/garments that showcase a superior level of creativity, use of color, and accuracy in the recreation of a specific era, theme, concept, or source, and offer the highest quality costumes and accessories. 

With a diversified background in design, illustration, pattern making and garment construction, HHG has the proven ability to carry out the design process from the concept stage through execution of designs and garment production. Many years of experience in designing for boutique/mass market companies such as Trashy Lingerie, Leg Avenue and InCharacter Costumes, as well as working in the film/television industry, with private clients designing one-of-a-kind pieces, and collaborating with wardrobe stylists has given HHG invaluable experience in the costume world. 

All images and sketches are considered the  work of Erin Seelert and are trademarked and/or copyrights of House of Hair & Glitter and/or the respective company each was designed for (indicated on each image).

All custom designed/commissioned pieces are handmade in our Los Angeles studio.


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